Archiproducts Milano is part of Architectour’s Design Tourism itineraries

Practice, culture, lifestyle. Architectours has its own idea of Experiential Tourism: a series of itineraries through Italian Design with the aim of building an international network of connections between Architects, Interior Designers and brands. Archiproducts Milano proudly supported this groundbreaking reality in custom-made tourism,  converting into the ideal setting for a 3-days workshop dedicated to 30 Indian Architecture students. From an idea to a finished product, Made in Italy Design is the manifesto of a bold creative industry able to combine innovation and craftsmanship on an international level.

Theory+Practice. Archiproducts Milano and Architectours came together to take students deep into the heart of Italian Design. Itineraries turn into experiences offering hands on demonstrations on Made in Italy Architecture. The 30 Indian students explored all the steps of product concept Design, along with production processes, the latest in technology and several material features. All “live” in via Tortona 31.

Archiproducts is partner of the Architectours project. “With our partners we are working on some new projects. For example, together with Archiproducts and Archiportale we are working on further developments of industrial tourism. We aim at expanding, spreading design tourism in many different Made in Italy sectors, such as car design and fashion design.” – explains Daniele Prosdocimo, Architectours founder.

Enjoy your visit at the most interesting Italian Design headquarters. Architectours is not “just tourism”, but a network and a communication project that builds a storytelling path where the main character is the brand itself. Far from the typical stereotype of the archi- and design- star, Daniele Prosdocimo’s startup emphasizes the creative and productive features of the Italian industry.

Design tourist–tailored itineraries. Architectours considers all the needs and interests of Architects, Interior Designers and Architecture and Design students. A very specific target that usually visits Italy not only for its dynamic industry but rather to explore the Italian lifestyle and the cultural heritage the country offers as a brand.

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