Digital Interactions and Networking in a Real Place: Archiproducts shows the new home working look of the building located in via Tortona and opens the Touch Point of the online store

Connections, digital interactions and networking for a new ‘Design Experience’. All this in a real place – Archiproducts Milano – where architects, designers and brands can find their inspiration, seize opportunities and explore new synergies.

Since April 3rd the place has already welcomed more than 12 thousand visitors among architects, designers, brands and international press. Milan Design Week 2017 was the occasion to present the new look of the place, where since last year more than 15 thousand professionals have found their ideal home working space, but also to open the Archiproducts Shop Touch Point, the new microscopic but hyperinteractive shop window of the huge online store with thousands of products and brands on sale all over the world. The address is via Tortona 31.

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