“Making art is about looking for an existential and aesthetic measure, coming from introspection, without really knowing why it’s so urgent. It’s some sort of emergency that the artist feels and he needs to give back his personal expressive experience to the others, using his works.” With these words, Emilio Nanni introduces his new cycle of works at Archiproducts Milano from 21st June to 21st July. And through this exhibition named “Strange perspectives”, he explains how he feels about Art, Architecture and Design.

“Strange perspectives: art and design, an investigation about an exhausting relationship” is an exhibition of the designer’s latest works, based on his research on symbols and its rarefied figuration, hovering between illustration and graphics. All his works are drawn with a black sign in tempera, china and other materials and realized on different kinds of paper: sheets coming from ancient VIII century texts and old novels.

Nanni wonders about the meaning of being both artist and designer, asking himself whether these two conditions can coexist. “I’ve always been wondering about the relationship between art and design, asking myself whether these two worlds could have something in common. It is a complex debate, because each one of them follows a specific path of evolution. I have come to the partial conclusion that this question was a vain attempt to give a definitive answer.”

He also expresses his idea on the importance of any collaboration between designers and firms. “The business and the designer form an indispensable combination in the concept of  “Design”, from which comes the complete definition of industrial design: the idea/project is shared with the productive iter represented by the brand, that is a form of social organization aimed at developing the “product”.”

Different perspectives on apparently similar topics. That’s why “Strange perspectives”: “it’s about some sort of exhausting fight on two different levels. A form of dualism which is necessary to me and a racking of pulsions to which to draw. I believe I’m lucky because I can tread both of these roads: I don’t know whether it’s something about Art or Design, but both of them represent everything in my life.”

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