A selection of seven designers as part of a new design experience at Archiproducts Milano

In Toto x Montréal a Milano” will be part of the new design experience at Archiproducts Milano, during the Milan Design Week 2018. Curated by Montréal style icon and visual storyteller Azamit, the showroom is an ode to the city’s contemporary design essence: beautifully tormented and tinged with post-industrial melancholia. A selection of seven designers whose objects resonate the soul of the city.

— Atelier Zébulon Perron
— Claste
— D’Armes
— Foraine by Atelier Barda
— Lambert et fils
— Maison Milan
— Pascale Girardin

Montreal is beautifully tormented – Azamit explains – but it seems that it has found balance & harmony regardless of all the contradiction and the search for an identity, just like the two extreme weathers”.

As a special guest of Archiproducts Milano, the “In Toto x Montreal a Milano” showroom is comprised of two distinct installations that highlight the city’s extreme weather patterns. Carefully curated, the exclusively Montreal-designed objects are assembled to propose a journey through the lusciousness of long summer evenings, and the starkness of long winter days.

From the colder, angular lights of Lambert & Fils to the vibrant monochrome tints of Foraine by Atelier Barda and the unexpected plays on softness and rigidity by Claste and D’Armes… transcending notions of culture and place (Maison Milan, Pascale Girardin), and function and form (Atelier Zébulon Perron) – the collection suggests harmony in contradictions, and manages to bring warmth to undying winter days, and a fresh breeze to the relentless summer heat.

“Even though each designer has it’s own identity & design essence, each piece that was chosen had something that reflected the same effect in it’s finished product: fragile but yet strong, weightlessness but yet imposing, fluid but yet rigorous”, Azamit