Archiproducts Milano for Nike Run and Architecture, the race around the city’s architectural and artistic landmarks

Seven young athletics future stars and a race aimed at discovering the city of Milan. Run and Architecture is the second of the seven race meetings 2018 organized by Nike featuring the Flying Girls. The race testimonial was Micol, one of the crew members with the passion for architecture. The girl guided the runners around Milan architectural landmarks, together with the architect Giulio Ceppi. A unique itinerary wrapped up in a 90-minute mile covering 7.8 km and broke down into 4 legs, that had its finish line at Archiproducts Milano.

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The Archiproducts Milano staff welcomed the girls with a rich buffet and guided them around the showroom’s 2018 setup, showing them all of the 70 international brands partner of #TheDesignExperience. At the end of the race, Giulio Ceppi had some gifts for the ladies: a bunch of collages mixing the athletes photos with artworks pictures.

The runners started from Nike headquarters – where they got their Nike running shoes and gear – and headed to Piazza Gae Aulenti, where Giulio Ceppi talked about the iconic architect and the future of the city’s design and urban environment.

The exhibition “Scollamenti Temporali” was the second stop of the race. The runners reached the Milano Triennale to discover some of Giulio Ceppi’s works, including a series of collages combining photos of women, Art, Fashion and Lifestyle.

The church of San Bernardino alle Monache was the last stop before crossing the finish line at Archiproducts Milano. Here the girls could admire the frescoes connected to the story of Floriana Crivelli, founder of the original cloister.

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